When someone is arrested, the judge may set bail and/or bond for their release.



You can pay the full bail amount, in cash, to the jail and the defendant will be released. You will get this money back, once the case is completely resolved.




You can work with a bail bond agent to post a bail bond to get your loved one released from jail. You pay a premium of approximately 10% of the bond amount. You will not get this money back, this is the bond agent's fee for his services. You may also be required to have collateral, in the form of a home, car, or cash.


By posting bond you are giving the Court your personal guarantee that the defendant will show up for all of his/her Court appearances. If the defendant does not show up for all scheduled Court dates, the bond will be revoked, a warrant will be issued for his/her arrest, and you will be responsible for paying the full amount of the bond.


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