If your friend or family member has ended up in an Onondaga County jail, call the professionals at Best Bail of Central New York. We will do all we can to get them out on bail and help guide them through the bail process. We are available 24/7 and at Best Bail of CNY, we will provide you with fast, courteous and straightforward bail bond service.

Over the years we have been recognized as the most respected licensed bail bond agency in Syracuse, NY. We have developed a mutual respect with numerous judges and clerks which in some cases allows us to post bonds on weekends and even holidays. What makes us different is our knowledge and experience with the legal system which leads us to a fast and seamless positive conclusion.

There are no hidden fees at Best Bail of CNY. The law is crystal clear on this. Bail bondsmen can charge for premium only, any other charges such as, travel fees, filing fees, admin fees, are simply illegal.

We are the closest bail bond agency conveniently located directly behind the Justice Center in downtown Syracuse at 50 Presidential Plaza.

Give us a call today for a free consultation about the bail bond process.