Example: $5000 cash bail/ $10,000 bond

Cash bail you pay in full to the court. In this example, $5000. You will get all of this money back, less court surcharges, once the case is resolved. This usually takes several months. A Bail Bond is like an insurance policy. You will pay a premium of 10% or less. In this example, $860. YOU DO NOT GET THIS MONEY BACK. You are making a promise with the court that the defendant will appear at all court dates as instructed. If he/she misses court, you will owe the full amount of the bond, $10,000.

Yes. We are available to write bail bonds 24/7. Everyday. Nights, weekends, and Holidays. After you meet with us, we have the bond signed by a judge. Although we cannot contact a judge in the middle of the night, we can reach one on weekends and on Holidays.
We accept cash or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover). We do not accept checks of any kind.
You will meet with us to complete the paperwork for approximately 20 minutes.
• Once the paperwork is complete, it must be signed by a Judge.
• After the bond is signed by a Judge, the bond is presented to the jail.
• Normally, the jail takes an hour or two to process the defendant out.
We have several years of experience helping families in their time of need. We treat you with the respect and professionalism that you deserve. We are here to answer your questions about the bail bond process via free consultation 24/7. We will also help the defendant remember court dates via text reminders.
Not necessarily. Generally speaking, collateral is not required unless the bond is over $10,000. However, every bond is handled on a case by case basis- call us for a free consultation today.
No. Under no circumstances do you get your money back. The premium that you pay a bondsman for a BOND is the bondsman commission.
No. The judge will not approve the bail bond if the victim is the indemnitor (person paying for the bail bond).
No. The only way you are at risk is if the defendant does not show up for court.